We generate evidence on eye health challenges, management strategies and their impacts through epidemiological, clinical and implementation research.


We empower and build the capacity of eye health and vision rehabilitation health workers by providing various on the job theoretical and practical trainings and opportunities on eye care services delivery, vision rehabilitation, and research in collaboration with local and international academic institutions.


We implement an integrated and comprehensive eye care service delivery programme to reduce the burden of avoidable blindness and other non-vision impairing but disabling conditions by promoting awareness and integrating case identification and referral at all levels of the health care system.


We are engaged in vision rehabilitation programmes to help restore the functional abilities and improve the quality of life of persons with low vision or blindness.

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Physical Address: Ambaye Building, House number A061
Kebele 07, Belay Zeleke Sub-city
Bahirdar, Ethiopia
P.O. Box: 1718
Telephone: (251-58) 3207733
Fax: (251-58) 320 886

አምባየ ህንፃ፣ የቤት ቁጥር A061
ቀበሌ 07፣ በላይ ዘለቀ ክ/ከተማ
ባህርዳር፣ ኢትዮጵያ
ፖ.ሳ.ቁ: 1718
ስልክ: (251-58) 3207733
ፋክስ: (251-58) 320 886

News, Updates & Resources

  • Access this link to read an editorial in the Community Eye Health Journal on responding to COVID19 in eye health.

  • Access this link to read about the impacts of COVID19 on eyecare services in Ethiopia.

  • Access this link to read on the results of a randomised controlled trial comparing the long-term outcomes of the two commonly used eyelid surgical procedures to treat the blinging stage of trachoma (trachomatous trichiasis).

  • Access this link to read a blog by Dr Esmael Habtamu on trachoma, the global effort to eliminate it and the Eliminating Trachoma MOOC at ICEH, LSHTM.

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