The easiest way to support our cause is to donate to Eyu-Ethiopia! We sincerely appreciate all contributions and are grateful to our donors. If you are interested in fundraising, please contact and we will be in touch with a fundraising kit that includes publicity information and educational materials.


We are grateful for the time and effort of volunteers in Ethiopia and elsewhere. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please fill out this form and send it via email to The duties our volunteers are covering include, among others, the following fields:

  • Communications and IT officer
  • Research coordinator
  • Event planner and organiser
  • Accountant
  • Office Assistant
  • Data entry clerk
  • Research data collector
  • Others


Thank you for your interest in joining us in our fight against avoidable blindness in Ethiopia. Listed below are current job & volunteering opportunities. If you are interested in one of these positions, please reach out via email to

Programme Director (PD): Operates under and closely with the CED and is responsible for overseeing and coordinating eye care research, training, and service delivery programme activities and provide technical and programmatic leadership to the overall achievement of the goals and objectives of the programme. With support from the CED, the PD leads the development, implementation, and monitoring of the organisation strategy and work plans and communicates results and achievements to the community and other stakeholders. In the absence of the CED, the PD acts as the Eyu-Ethiopia representative.

Auditor: Operates under the Board and is responsible to controlling and regulating the financial and procurement system of the organisation.

Programme Officers (PmO) and Coordinators: Operate under and closely with the PD and are responsible to coordinate eye care research, training, and service delivery. With the PD, the PmO develops, implements, and monitors project activities and work plans. In the absence of the PD, the PmO acts as the Programme Director. The Project Coordinators (PC) operate under and closely with the Programme Officer and/or the Programme Director and are responsible to implement eye care research, training, and service delivery programmes at the community level. Research and Communications Officer will be appointed under the PD if deemed necessary in the future.

Administrative and Logistics Officer (ALO): Operates under and closely with the FOD and is responsible for the management of and supervision of support staffs (drivers, data clerk, sore keeper, secretary, security guards, office assistants and cleaners), procurement, and logistics and managing vehicles.

Finance Officer (FO) / Accountant Operate under and closely with FOD. Accountants assist the FOD and maintain the field accounting system, reviewing and processing purchase orders and expenditures, reviewing employee timesheets, and distributing checks, and executing payments with the cashier. The Finance Officer will take over in the absence of the FOD. The FO also can work as the cashier.

Income Generation Officer (IGO): Eyu-Ethiopia will be involved in various income generating activities. These activities will be led by the IGO, who operates under the PD and the FOD. The IGO designs, plans and ensures the executions of the income generating programmes. All other income generating finance and operational activities will be executed and led by other Eyu-Ethiopia personnel and policies, except that the income generating department will have separate bank account.

Cashier: Operates under and closely with Finance Officer/Accountant and manages petty cash and executes payments. The cashier can be given various other responsibilities and serve as office assistance, store keeper… etc.

Other Temporary Job Opportunities: based on specific project demands various research field coordinators, data managers and data collectors will be employed in temporary bases.